Anaptár 2010

Anaptár 2010 is an experimental calendar for the year 2010 by Anna Farkas of The calendar is based on a radial system and incorporates sun and moon data in addition to the common days, weeks and months.

The overall aesthetic is reduced to the essence – the simple typography and the clear shapes work really well together. The minimalistic visual style makes it both easy to read and delightful to look at. Beside different shades of gray, certain areas are subtly color coded to highlight important dates. I must admit, that I am a big fan of this delicately designed piece of information visualization.

Anaptár 2010Anaptár 2010Anaptár 2010Anaptár 2010

Anaptár 2010 This work is inspired by clipclop's radial calendar and submitted by Anna Farkas. See more of her works on her website or her Facebook Fanpage.

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  • Marc Lipscke

    wow! really nice work!

  • Marc Lipscke

    wow! really nice work!

  • Info

    Is very like the one she bought from us. Why copy a design? Why not be more creative?

    • Anna Farkas

      I think this is the best example when something is an inspiration and not a copy.

  • Anna Farkas

    The base inspiration was clipclop’s year planner, which I matched my new lunar data visualization idea. The most important thing for me was the moonrise and the moonset projection that I have never seen before. The lunar cycle visualization is new, unique and additional creativity.