Google: Zeitgeist 2009

The year 2009 comes to an end and a lot, really a lot of queries have been gone through the google search box. The kind folks at Google take a look back at the happenings throughout this year. They do this as anyone would expect them to: collecting data!


Google Zeitgeist are a set of lists ranking keywords by popularity from 1 to 10. Fastest rising and fasted falling are collections of keywords with big differences from 2008 to 2009. Right now there’s only the data as written text, but this could quickly be transformed into a visualization.

To compile the 2009 Year-End Zeitgeist, we studied the aggregation of billions of queries people typed into Google search this year. We use data from multiple sources, including Insights for Search, Google Trends and internal data tools. We also filter out spam and repeat queries to build out lists that best reflect “the spirit of the times.”

So get your tools ready and why not surprize us with your vision how this data could be best visualized.

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