New Twitter Data from Infochimps

Infochimps.orgInfochimps, the open marketplace for data, just released their updated Twitter Census dataset with over 1.6Billion Tweets. The data consists of various subsets for you to grab and play with.

While most of the subsets are free to use, Infochimps also provides some in-depth datasets. For $300 you can buy the dataset containing an hour-by-hour breakdown of the occurence of hashtags, URLs, and smileys in the 1.6 billion tweets created between March 2006 and March 2010. For $250 you can purchase a dataset extracted from those same 1.6 billion tweets with all mentions of stock tokens and related keywords.

Trst Rank

The Trst Rank is a reputation metric similar to the Pagerank algorithm used by Google to rate websites. It is based on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is the highest reputation possible. The related dataset is created using Infochimps very own application.

The Color of Twitter

Twitter Users by Background Color

As an example @thedatachef and @jessecrouch from the Infochimps team have taken the Twitter Users by Background Color dataset to create the visualization above on their own. It shows the distributionof twitter profile page background colors. Unsurprisingly the default color is by far the most prominent hue.

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