Tracking swine flu (for yourself)

The NY Times Interactive team has put together an interactive visualization displaying the spread of the swine flu virus. The applet is a static map with interactive markers showing the amount of confirmed cases. The Guardian has created a similar application but their version shows the spread in relation to the past dates which helps to understand correlations and directions of the spreading. Read more

Weather APIs galore

John Musser from has put together a superb list of APIs that allow a developer or programming-savvy designer to retrieve weather data and use it in his visualization projects. Of course the scope isn't limited on visualization but if your anything like me you already got some ideas on how to mash-up the available data to display correlations between weather information and other data. Read more

The Guardian Open Content Platform

The Guardian is the next newspaper to open up their content following the example of The New York Times. The platform consists of two major components: 1. The Content AP (Access their content database) 2. The Data Store (High quality and curated datasets free to download) The platform is currently in beta trial and only limited acces will be granted. Read more

Worldwide Incidents Tracking System dataset

The National Counterterrorism Center published a huge data set on its Web site. The Worldwide Incidents Tracking System has a few thousand records of violent acts going back to 2004. The entire data set is downloadable as a 6MB XML file. Read more


pachube.Apps is a repository available at of Pachube applications and feed ‘plugins’ & ‘plugouts’ that can be used either as Pachube input feeds, or to modulate and generate Pachube output feeds – no coding necessary! Read more

Article Search API from NY Times

The NY Times blog Open announced the release of the Article Search API for the archive of the New York Times. The Article Search API is a way to find, discover, explore, have fun and build new things. We’ve accumulated quite a few blocks/articles over the last 28 years — all of them tagged and labeled with loving care. Read more

DataZoo – a repository for open datasets

DataZoo – a repository for open datasets

DataZoo is a repository of links to open available datasets. It’s maintained by the community itself and everybody is welcome to contribute to the list. Read more

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Most visualizations are dedicated to make sense of the underlying data. Therefore we document data sources ranging from APIs to publicly available datasets.