11 Conferences to attend in 2011

We’ve compiled a small list of conferences definitely worth visiting in 2011. Events like this are a great way to see, learn, connect and be inspired. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, be sure to let us know so we could meet up and have a chat.


23 March 2011 School of Communication at the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain

The Infographics World Summit, which reached maturity last year, is back with a new impetus, outstanding speakers and an agenda featuring some of the best graphics artists who will convey their ideas about how to create graphics in this crazy world of tablets, smartphones and interactive designs.

Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation

25 March 2011 Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK

The theme of the conference is the permeation of science and research with computational seeing. How does computer mediated vision as a mode of engagement with information as well as with one another effect what we see (or think we see), and what we take ourselves to know?

Geeky by Nature

31 March 2011 SVA Theatre, New York

What is Geeky by Nature all about? It’s about bringing together the worlds best artists, designers, coders, and creative minds to explore the possibilities that other disciplines can bring. Whether it’s computer based, film, print or inspirational, one thing is for sure, it will be unmissable! GBN will be an amazing two days, exploring the best from art, code & design. Add a list of speakers who are second to none, a whole lot of creative inspiration, the backdrop of New York City and you have the ingredients for a really exciting two days!

Data 2.0

04 April 2011 Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco

More business, social, and government data is accessible now than ever before. The US government and city governments are opening up data on platforms like Socrata, businesses are monetizing data on marketplaces like InfoChimps, and social networks like Facebook are enabling startups to integrate their social data. This new access to data has spurred an avalanche of innovation in the Data 2.0 space. The Data 2.0 Conference showcases over 30 Data 2.0 startups and applications that help you find, analyze, and distribute information online.

SEE #6

09 April 2011 Lutherkirche, Wiesbaden, Germany

For six years now the see conference has been gathering the most creative people and exciting ideas on the topic of information visualization. The interdisciplinary platform brings together fields like design, art, architecture and new technologies. Our international speakers will show the latest ideas and approaches on how to deal with the current flood of information, on how to visualize it and turn it into something that can be experienced.


14 June 2011 Plaza de las Letras, Madrid, Spain

Medialab-Prado’s Visualizar program is a research and education platform devoted to exploring the culture of Big Data and its impact today in science, society and the arts. The next edition of Visualizar in 2011 will deal with an essential topic: infrastructures. Infrastructures are the big systems that support global processes: from the infrastructures that produce and transfer energy and water to the ones that make possible global communication and mobility. From the supply chain of goods and products to the removal chain, but also legal infrastructures that define relations among territories or the financial infrastructures that govern the circulation of capital among markets.

Eyeo Festival

27 June 2011 McNamara Alumni Center, Minneapolis, USA

eyeo brings together the most creative coders, designers and artists working today, and shaping tomorrow – expect an amazing three days of talks, labs, demos & events fueled by the people and tools that are transforming digital culture.

Computational Aesthetics

5 August 2011 Convention Center Vancouver, Canada

Computational Aesthetics bridges the analytic and synthetic by integrating aspects of computer science, philosophy, psychology, and the fine, applied & performing arts. It seeks to facilitate both the analysis and the augmentation of creative behaviours. CAe also investigates the creation of tools that can enhance the expressive power of the fine and applied arts and furthers our understanding of aesthetic evaluation, perception and meaning. The conference brings together individuals with technical experience of developing computer based tools to solve aesthetic problems and people with artistic/design backgrounds who use these new tools.


7 August 2011 Convention Center Vancouver, Canada

The world’s premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques comes to Vancouver for it’s 2011 edition. With an exhibition, job fair, courses and presentations this event is surely not to be missed.


29 September 2011 St. Louis, USA

In developing the program, SND is focusing on training, seminars and networking — for students coming into the profession, for their advisers and teachers, for managers and editors, and for visual journalists in and out of papers. More specifically, the tracks will include sessions on career development, page design for newspapers large and small, online design, photography, informational graphics, graphic arts and multimedia.


23 October 2011 Providence, USA

VisWeek 2011 is the premier forum for visualization advances for academia, government, and industry, bringing together researchers and practitioners with a shared interest in tools, techniques, technology and theory. The week is organized around three separate conferences: Visualization, Information Visualization and Visual Analytics Science and Technology

Unfortunately, a few excellent events are already a thing of the past. But here’s the good news: The organizers of most of these offer video or audio recordings of the sessions for you to check out.

This list is far from complete, so please help us with a note in the comments about any other event that would fit this list. What are your plans for 2011? Where will you be present?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/prof.michael.stoll Prof. Michael Stoll

    you probabely should compile your list a bit earlier in the year, but in 2012 there will be an interesting conference in zeist (again) about the wide variety of dutch infographics, stay tuned over here: http://www.infographics.eu/

    nice compilation, though … keep going!

    • http://benjaminwiederkehr.com Benjamin Wiederkehr

      Thanks for the link to the conference in Zeist.

      I know that this list comes a little late for scheduling but I hope it still helps you pick your favorite events for this year. The 12 conferences to attend in 2012 will come earlier, promised.