Design for America

Sunlight Labs, a part of the Sunlight Foundation, recently announced their “Design for America” competition. It aims to connect the talents of art and design communities to the wealth of government data and to help nurture the field of information visualization.

Think better, easier ways to use tax forms, an art instillation about how the House budget process works or even a visualization that clearly explains to people the intersection of money and power. This competition will show that when government data is released to everyone, online, that anyone can analyze and contextualize the information in ways that are truly meaningful

Artists and designers will compete for 1st place prizes of $5,000 in each category. The categories are data Visualization, Process Transparency and Redesigning the Government. The winners will be announced at this year’s Gov2.0 forum and will have their designs displayed publically in a major art gallery. The Sunlight Foundation is working with some of the biggest names in technology, including Adobe, Google, O’Reilly and TechWeb on this event.

For more information about the competition, deadlines and prizes hop over to Design for America.

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