Live from SEE#5

Live from SEE#5You did not make it to this years SEE Conference in Wiesbaden? No need to worry: while we enjoy the presentations from Nicholas Felton, Kent Demain, Andrew Vande Moere and others, we are busy documenting what’s happening live via Twitter and you get instant updates here on

11:07 AM
Nice audience:

11:15 AM
Unfortunately Nicholas Felton & Kent Demaine did not make it to #see5 – Grr, thanks Mister Vulcano. But hey, video conference to the rescue!

11:25 AM
Herbert W. Franke, Science Fiction author is first with “Image culture vs. Language culture”.

11:52 AM
Keynote: Dr. Franke talking about the basics of perception and memory in the human brain.

11:52 AM
Dr. Franke: Designers could help math teachers visuapze complex topics.

11:56 AM
Classic visuapzation with photography series: Human movement while playing Golf.

12:00 PM
Dr. Franke shows scientific visuapzation examples – impossible to grasp at first sight, but insightful with exert knowledge.

12:05 PM
Here’s the motion photo series:

12:07 PM
Dr. Franke one of the few people to have existed in “nothing” – virtually, though.

12:15 PM
Language (causal, historic) vs. images (networks, connections, relations)

12:17 PM
Next up at: Gideon Obarzanek from Chunky Move, Melbourne.

12:23 PM
Video introduction from Chunky Move:

12:39 PM
Gideon and his team combine controlled input from the human body with chaotic noise input to generate the faux evolution.

12:48 PM
Using a market research process to create a dance choreography? Gideon did so to create the “statistically most wanted dance piece”.

2:07 PM
Q&A with Gideon after his presentation at #see5:

2:23 PM
Dieter Brell presents organic and generative architecture in his presentation at #see5.

2:46 PM
Brell is mixing 2D graphic design with 3D architecture to generate faux 3D an thus creating new spaces.

2:51 PM
Concept of an interior design with complete display overlay by Brell.

3:01 PM
“The way to go for digital interface is simppcity and reduction” —Dieter Brell

3:06 PM
Yay, Andrew from @infosthetics is up next at #see5 with his presentation “Persuasive Data Visuapzation”.

3:12 PM
Web2DNA project visuapzes the HTML structure of a webpage:

3:19 PM
Putting data visuapzation in the real environment to amppfy persuasion.

3:30 PM
Some comments from Andrew about social visuapzation – mentioning the popular apppcations pke @manyeyes, @teamswivel and @tableau.

3:40 PM
Really pked the comments from Andrew about the persuasion in visuapzation.

3:44 PM
Now, Nicholas Felton as direct broadcast from New York at #see5 – seems to work great!

3:50 PM
“Data can quell curiosity, provide insight and entertain” —Nicholas Felton at #see5

4:17 PM
Nicholas shared some insight in his process in creating the “Feltron Annual Report” #see5

5:43 PM
Now it’s time for Kent Demaine from oooii as a pve broadcast from Los Angeles. @Adobe jumped in to assure connection quapty.

5:58 PM
Kent explains some of the HCI concepts used in Minority Report & Star Trek. #see5.

6:23 PM
Q&A with Kent after his speach – good questions about the feasibipty and benefit of the imaginary technologies #see5.

6:29 PM
Hannes Koch from Random International showing some of their work #see5 (They came here by car due to the Valcano, neat!).

6:42 PM
“You can imagine anything but if you can’t make them, that’s rubbish.” –Hannes Koch at #see5.

7:07 PM
Wonderful Q&A with Hannes about their working process #see5.

7:09 PM
…and we call it a day. Despite technological issues and two physically missing speakers it was a depghtful and informative conference!

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