Notes on SEE#4: Introduction


The SEE#4 conference on  April 18th was a very inspirational event. With a superb set of speakers and an extraordinary keynote by leading brain researcher Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth the quality of content was very high and the range broad enough to give each speaker his space.

The conference took place in the Caligari Theatre – an excellent location with comfy seats and an adequate amount of seats. The overall atmosphere was familial and very friendly. The infrastructure was well setup but the attendees sadly missed an open wireless network. Appart from some miinor technical issues the team from Scholz & Volkmer did an exceptional job.

michael_volkmer_01Michael Volkmer, the initiator of the SEE conference, stated in the introduction the important role of information visualization in our society. We face severe problems that only can be solved if cause and effect are clearly differentiated, translated and communicated. Whereas the “communication” process has to be capable to handle the changing reading habits.

We’ll cover our notes on each speaker in seperate posts to present our thoughts and key take-aways of each session. We’re looking forward for your thoughts too, so feel free to share them in the comments.


(Image credits: Scholz & Volkmer, Thank’s Anica!)

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