Our Picks for O’Reilly Strata 2011

On February 01 – 03 2011 O’Reilly is hosting the Strata Conference in Santa Clara, California. It’s an event dedicated to data and how to make it work for your business. I have listed some of the conference highlights for visualization aficiandos so you don’t get lost in the extensive schedule. First things first: What’s Strata?

At Strata, you’ll find intensely practical sessions for both business users and hardcore technologists; success stories (and cautionary tales) from startups that are making data their business and also established companies that are saving millions and creating new revenue streams; great networking opportunities; and keynotes that snap the big picture into focus.

The three days are filled with keynotes and tutorials by some of the smartest folks working with data right now. The companies present include IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Thomson Reuters, LinkedIn, Bit.ly, and the list goes on. The packed schedule holds many interesting sessions for people interested in visualizing data and following are some of our picks.

Small is the New Big: Lessons in Visual Economy
By Kim Rees (Periscopic), 1:40pm Wednesday, 02/02/2011, Location: Mission City B5
The following aspects of data-specific visualizations will be covered: Telling smaller stories with the data, Encapsulating the design by choosing related data, Designing for multiple encodings, Abstracting visual context for brevity, Working within constraints, Goal-based visualization and Small multiples.

Free Our Data: How We Made Sense of Huge Datasets
By Simon Rogers (Guardian), 8:50am Thursday, 02/03/2011, Location: Mission City Ballroom
90,000 items on Afghanistan, 291,000 on Iraq – and another 251,000 cables. Managing the Wikileaks release is just one of the huge data journalism projects the Guardian’s data team has embarked on. This talk will look at how journalists can make sense of data, get stories out of it and our role in supplying open data to the world.

Data Journalism: Applied Interfaces
By Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb), Simon Rogers (Guardian), Jer Thorp (The New York Times), 10:40am Thursday, 02/03/2011, Location: Mission City B5
In this panel, three acclaimed designers show how they apply visualization to big data, making complex, controversial topics easy to understand and explore.

Make People Fall in Love with Your Data: A Practical Tutorial for Data Visualization and UI Design
By Ken Hilburn and Zach Gemignani (Juice Analytics), 9:00am Tuesday, 02/01/2011, Location: Mission City B1
Visualization Principles and Best Practices Overview, Design Principles of Dashboards and Interactive Applications and a case study of a practical application.

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