Join Us at the SEE#6 Conference

For six years now the see conference by Scholz & Volkmer has been gathering the most creative people and exciting ideas on the topic of information visualization.

The interdisciplinary platform brings together fields like design, art, architecture and new technologies. International speakers like Carlo Ratti, director of SENSEable City Lab at MIT or Wesley Grubbs, founder of Pitch Interactive will show the latest ideas and approaches on how to deal with the current flood of information, on how to visualize it and turn it into something that can be experienced.

Date: Saturday April 9
Location: Lutherkirche Wiesbaden, Germany

I am happy to announce that together with my friends Andrew Vande Moere and Moritz Stefaner, we are organizing a little side event to the see conference on Sunday April 10. We call it see+.

In the morning (i.e. hang-over friendly 11:30), we will have the conference speakers Justin Manor and Wes Grubbs over for an open discussion on information visualization, life, the universe, and everything. The inspiration for this comes from an excellent ad hoc conversation round we enjoyed last year at the offices of Scholz & Volkmer. You can expect to have a vivid discussion with people who are truly passionate about data visualization, its’ challenges and opportunities.

And in case you wanted to get your hands dirty in data, in the afternoon (around 14:00), a hands-on workshop on information visualization tools will provide you with a practical overview of how to develop your own interactive data representations.

If you plan to attend see+, please let us know on our Facebook Page or in the comments below. Also, all kinds of suggestions for discussion or workshop topics are highly appreciated.

Date: Sunday April 10
Time: 11:30 – 13:00 Discussion, 14:00 – 15:30 Workshop
Location: Scholz & Volkmer, Schwalbacher Straße 72, Wiesbaden

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