Workshop: Living With Information

livingwithinformation_01On October 16th 2009 the FH Potsdam will host a workshop examining questions about how information visualization influences design, architecture and technology. The workshop will be hosted by Prof. Boris Müller ( and Moritz Stefaner (

The workshop »Living with Information: Architecture and Visualization« will juxtapose experiences and results from the MACE project with thoughts and design approaches from practitioners in the fields of design, architecture and technology. Guided by five central questions, we will explore future trends in information visualization, the relationship of visualization tools and creativity plus issues like information over- and underload.

Boris and Stefan will be supported by 5 speakers from the fields of Design, Architecture and Technology:

Unfortunately the workshop is already sold out but the organizers will try their best to make all the talks available online soon after the event. Furthermore it’s scheduled on the same date as the IDSymposium09 leaving us with a though decision to make – I personally attend IDSymposium mainly for geographic reasons but I am looking foreward to the coverage of the workshop in Potsdam.

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