Announcement: Video Channel

we_love_vimeoAre you pleased by animated data & information visualization as much as we do? Do you enjoy sitting back and taking an inspiring break from time to time? And you lack the time to dig through the plethora of online ressources? If you answered “Yes” to even one of those questions, we think we might have something for you. If you answered all three questions with “Yes”, we KNOW we have something for you.

Over the past months we’ve posted a good amount of data visualization videos. Those were mostly complementary to projects we presented and helped understand how dynamics & interactions work. Going through all the video posts isn’t the most streamlined way to be inspired. Sometimes you just wanna take a bath in inspiring visuals, right?

We’re happy to present you the video channel. Vimeo is the tool of our choice for two reasons: 1. The customization possibilities perfectly fit your needs and 2. There is a solid amount of good content provided by designers and visual artists playing with data visualization. New videos will be added to the channel on a regular basis and we invite you to suggest videos you’ve uploaded or encountered using the Shout Box.

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