Announcement: WeLoveDatavis Tumblr

If you’re anything like us you know how hard it is to resist a solid designed infographic. Actually we get intruiged by the sheer beauty of good typography combined with understandable graphic representation of information. Admittedly sometimes aesthetics predominate clarity and although we can’t resits admiring the piece of work.

To share our findings that don’t require any further explanation we’ve created the WeLoveDatavis Tumblr.

“WeLoveDatavis is an inspirational collection of Charts, Maps, Graphs, Diagrams — sometimes more data art than information visualization but always amazingly awsome!”

welovedatavis_01 is our tool of choice for several reasons:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Customization
  3. Submissions

Get Involved

As Tumblr allows other users to submit content to our tumblr blog we decided to open WeLoveDatavis to the community and thus giving you the possibility to share your own findings with our readership. Postings on the tumblr blog gets posted to our Twitter audience as well (using the #welovedatavis hashtag) to spread the datavis-love. Please use this possibility reasonable and don’t spam us and our readers.

Excited about this? We certainly are and we would appreciate your thoughts on this. As we are new to the world of Tumblr, do you have any suggestions about great blogs to follow?

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