Brief Message: Thank You For Your Support!

benjamin_wiederkehrI am blogging now for nearly 300 days and we are counting more than 250 posts in the archives of I think it’s time to give back some of the love I have received during this period of time.

First, I am very honored by our readership.
The time you guys take to read our content is highly appreciated and means a lot. There’s no need to talk about the information overload these days, so be asured that your attention and interest much valued.

Your opinion is our inspiration.
Our intention with this blog was to create a dialog—igniting discussions, concepts and ideas. All interactions with our audience in the comments, via Email or on Twitter help us stay focused. Thank’s and never hesitate to get in touch with us!

Thanks for all the submissions.
We’ve received so much excellent work, it’s hard to keep up documenting it—We’re trying our best and be sure that your submissions are one of the cornerstones of If you have anything to contribute, feel invited to let us know.

Have your say!

We want to make the best place for data visualization related topics. We’d like to invite you to help us refine our content strategy by telling us what type of content you’re eager to read. Please suggest your favourite topic in the poll in the sidebar—it just takes one click!

Something for your eyes

After the successful launch of the Video Channel on, I am more than happy to announce our newest addition: The WeLoveDataVis Tumblr. It’s a tiny Tumblr blog fully dedicated to Infographics. Read more about the idea behind it in the related post.

Okay, enough with the feelings. Hope to meet some of you in person at IDSymposium on Friday October 16th or maybe we’ll have a chatter via Twitter.

(Actually I wanted to record a brief video message for this post, but had to realize, that I am not the “Video Guy” by nature—I am afraid the photograph needs to suffice the targeted personal touch)

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  • Heidi Safran

    you’re welcome!
    und merci euch für öie job..

    spreading the word in germany for everyone!

  • Heidi Safran

    you’re welcome!
    und merci euch für öie job..

    spreading the word in germany for everyone!