Gets Touchy

iphone_mockupYour favourite source of inspiration in datavisualization and infographics has now a new face for multi-touch devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Andriod, Storm or Pre. The current design is best viewed in a modern browser like Firefox or Safari on a desktop computer or laptop. Thus the user-experience of browsing our content on a mobile device was a bit impaired. To improve this I’ve decided to create a dedicated theme for these devices. Here’s what has changed and how it was achieved:

I evaluated that the most important interaction is browsing the posts quickly and getting a bit of a clue about the discussed topic or visualization. So a chronologically ordered list with title, thumbnails and some meta data seemed to be the adequate interface. The excerpt can be expanded to get further insight. New posts are loaded with AJAX to make browsing a streamlined process without interruptions. The detail page of a post is very similar to the current design including commenting, subscription and sharing functionalities to support our content.

We now also sport a dandy 32x32px iPhone icon to ensure that the shortcut on your iPhone looks as nice as the presented showcases. So, make sure to click on “Add to home screen” next time you visit us from your mobile.

The theme was created with the help of WPTouch—an excellent and easy to implement plugin for WordPress
Please let me know if you come across anything quirky that needs to be improved

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