Information Visualization Manifesto by Manuel Lima

Manuel Lima from the beloved has published a very valuable article about the practice of information visualization on the VC blog. Entitled as “Information Visualization Manifesto” Mr. Lima lays out some basic principles for the work on data and information visualizations.

In the introduction he describes some of the thoughts and discussions that led to the decision to write this manifesto. The main body of the article consists of 10 directions for the design / developement work:

  • Form Follows Function
  • Start with a Question
  • Interactivity is Key
  • Cite your Source
  • The power of Narrative
  • Do not glorify Aesthetics
  • Look for Relevancy
  • Embrace Time
  • Aspire for Knowledge
  • Avoid gratuitous visualizations

We recommend reading the full article on the VC blog as it’s an excellent read and we’re looking forward for the community’s thoughts in the comments — on the original article.

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