As we announced earlier this year, the redesign of was the first step to improve your reading experience and to ensure that we can provide you with highest quality content. Today we go one step further and introduce a whole new category: “ Inside”. Starting next week, we’ll look behind the scenes of interesting data visualization projects and present their development processes from the very beginning to the final product.

What’s In the Spotlight

  • Story: What was the motivation and how did the idea substantiate? Was it a client or personal project? We tell you all the details about the context and background of a project.
  • Sources: Where did the data come from? Was any scraping, collecting or mining needed to get it in shape? Here, we share all information about the essence of the data visualization.
  • Visual Concept: What were the initial ideas for the graphics and how did they evolve along the way? In this subject we answer conceptual and aesthetic questions and explain decisions taken during the design process.
  • Technological Concept: What software has been used to create the visualization? Are any scripting languages or libraries being used? We discuss all the nitty gritty tech details and choices.
  • Problems and Solutions: Did difficulties or pitfalls arise during the creation process? Have they caused a change in direction? We reveal our solutions to these problems.
  • Implementation: How was the visualization implemented? In what environment can a user experience it? We show you the big picture and disclose all the specifics of the final product.
  • Perspective: Are there any plans on improving, refining, developing or distributing? Here we talk about the future of the product.
  • Lessons learned: What turned out to be pain points? Were the right decisions made? It is important to reflect on finished work, so we share the insights attained during the process.

Join In and Share Your Expertise!

Our goal is to nurture a collaborative culture of designers and developers – whether they are new in the field or skilled experts. Sharing insights and knowledge with the community is a huge benefit for everyone and enables interesting discussions. So, if you want to participate and talk about your experiences on a project, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us and submit your work! Or just give feedback on a published project, your comments are always highly appreciated.

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