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To celebrate our two month existence, our invaluable readers, subscribers, commenters and content providers we’ve come up with something special. We’ve created a set of MiniCards from to hand out on future meetings, conferences and other occasions. We’re looking forward to meeting you guys sometime to hand out some of those and have a chatter.


Every card features another visualization method shown by a small icon and the name of it. The icons are based on the work of Christian Behrens on Infodesign Patterns and are used with his permission.

Here are all of the 20 icons we’ve used on the first set of MiniCards.


The flipside acts as the guidepost to the website with the sentence “as seen on…”. Thanks to Christian for the permission to adapt from his work and to for the excellent job they’ve done with the printing.

You want ’em? You’ll get ’em!

A lot of readers seem to be as excited about the cards as we are. Therefore we provide you with the whole set of the cards to download. As an addition we give away a complete set (100 Moo MiniCards) to the first person to name the complete list of the 20 visualization methods presented on the cards. You can either post your solution in the comments, tweet it @datavis, DM it @datavis or send it via email benjamin [at] datavisualization [dot] ch.

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