New Book: Visual Complexity

From Manuel Lima, founder and editor of Visual Complexity comes a new book about mapping patterns of information. The Visual Complexity Book is promised to be far more than a showcase of projects from the VC Website founded back in 2005. With a broader scope, the book will showcase and thoroughly analyze the variety of contemporary visual depictions of complex networks. It will cover its historical predecessors and grounds for recent popularity, and explore the ramifications of a new age of infinite interconnectedness. It will also include a set of recommendations and future predictions on the progress of Network Visualization.

The book is available now for pre-order from and will be on the shelves by September 2011. Read more about the story behind it on the VC Blog.

New Book: Visual Complexity Manuel Lima is a designer, researcher and founder of, and a Senior UX Design Lead at Microsoft Bing.

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  • Edson Pavoni

    Can’t wait! Someone knows what is the name of the project in the cover?

  • mazar

    The Visual Complexity entry currently says the author of this graphic is “(unknown)”, but there is a credit listed at the bottom of the image saying “Graphic by Guilbert Gates for the New York Times”.