10 Ways How Data Is Changing Our Lives

10 Ways How Data Is Changing Our Lives 10 Ways How Data Is Changing Our Lives

Conrad Quilty-Harper has written an article for about how data is changing how we live. It's a list of 10 real-world examples in the fields of Shopping, Relationships, Business deliveries, Maps, Education, Politics, Society, War and Advertising. Read more Inside Inside Inside

Today we introduce a whole new category: " Inside". We look behind the scenes of interesting data visualization projects and present their development processes, from the very beginning to the final product. Read more

New Book about Computational Aesthetics: FORM+CODE

New Book about Computational Aesthetics: FORM+CODE New Book about Computational Aesthetics: FORM+CODE

FORM+CODE is a new book about computational aesthetics to be published by in fall 2010. It is written by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams and LUST and the list of featured artists reads like the who-is-who of the generative design community. Read more

Build Your Own Linked Data Application

Build Your Own Linked Data Application Build Your Own Linked Data Application

The New York Times has been busy publishing their news vocabulary as linked open data since 2009. Now, Evan Sandhaus has published a short but thorough tutorial about building an application that's based on this data. Read more

Some Tweaking Behind The Curtain

We’re working a bit on our server and installation to improve performance and reliability. Hopefully you won’t encounter any inconvenience, but if you do so, be assured we’ll be back in a few hours. Thanks for your patience and I hope you’ll be happy with our improvements. Update: We have migrated the site to our […] Read more

Help Support Distaster Relief in Haiti!

I'd like to encourage you to help Nathan from FlowingData raise money for UNICEF's relief efforts. He's donating all proceeds from FlowingPrint's new Poster World Progress Report. Read more

Google Fusion Table Now with API

Recently Google released the official API for Google Fusion Tables. If you are not familiar with GFT here’s a brief introduction: Google Fusion Tables is a product launched in Google Labs. It’s a free service for sharing and visualizing data online. It allows you to upload data, share and mark up your data with collaborators, […] Read more

Merry Christmas and Thanks a Ton!

Merry Christmas and Thanks a Ton!

I wish you all Merry Christmas and happy days full of love, peace and inspiration. I can't even say how much fun and joy this first year of brought me. I want to take the time and thank every one of my readers for their time and thoughts… it really means a lot to me. Read more

28 Rich Data Visualization Tools on InsideRIA

Theresa Neil from InsodeRIA has created a nice collection of 28 tools for rich data visualizations on the web. The tools range from jQuery plugins like Flot to Flex libraries like Axiis. I must admit that most visuals look, let’s say disputable, but fortunately changing the look and feel is possible for almost any of […] Read more

The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual

Sneh Roy has published “The anatomy of an infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual” on It’s more like a rough guideline for creating an infographic than a precise analysis of the concepts behind it but it’s worth a read nonetheless. Sneh explaines the basics of the three parts Visual, Content and Knowledge. Read more Gets Touchy Gets Touchy

Your favourite source of inspiration in datavisualization and infographics has now a new face for multi-touch devices. Here's what has changed and how it was achieved. Read more

Two Sides of the Same Story

Jer Thorp and Jeff Clark are trying to analyze two articles based on the content. Both applications have a similar layout with the articles on opposite sides and the content in the middle. As both applications were built individually it’s great to see that both came to a similar solution. Two Sides of the Same […] Read more

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