Collection of 30 Infographic Maps

Collection of 30 Infographic Maps Collection of 30 Infographic Maps

Webdesigner Depot returns to the information visualization space with a post listing 30 Superb Examples of Infographic Maps. The quality of the presented works ranges from clearly designed, information dense maps like the Margins Of Voctory to rather groovy illustrated pieces. Nonetheless, having a look can’t hurt and there’s probably some maps in the that you haven’t come across already. Read more

Brief Message: Thank You For Your Support!

Brief Message: Thank You For Your Support!

I am blogging now for nearly 300 days and we are counting more than 250 posts in the archives of I think it’s time to give back some of the love I have received during this period of time. Read more

Announcement: WeLoveDatavis Tumblr

Announcement: WeLoveDatavis Tumblr

If you're anything like us you know how hard it is to resist a solid designed infographic. Actually we get intruiged by the sheer beauty of good typography combined with understandable graphic representation of information. To share our findings that don't require any further explanation we've created the WeLoveDatavis Tumblr. Read more

We made the list of 20 essential infographics & datavisualization blogs

We’re very happy to have made the list on Inspired Mag about “20 Essential Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs“. Seeing our site side by side with much respected data visualization focused blogs like and just makes me feel very excited and honored. If you think you can handle even more data visualization goodness […] Read more

More Javascript Visualization Libraries

Thanks to the much appreciated additions to the list of Javascript Visualization Libraries, I’ve been able to include some more excellent libraries. DojoX is a full fledged library in it self, PlotKit depends on the MochiKit framework and Flotr is based on Prototype. So whatever JS Library you’re using at the moment, there’s something in […] Read more

Interview with Casey Reas and Ben Fry published an interview with Casey Reas and Ben Fry about the past, present and future of Processing. Even if you are already familiar with the history of this great programming environment there are probably some nice background informations in there for you. Via Daniel Shiffman Read more

Billboard Dev API has recently opened it's developer network and released the first version of their API. Currently a developer can access charts information, later artist and track infromation will be available too. This may open up for some use- and playful visualizations. Read more

Information Visualization Manifesto by Manuel Lima

Manuel Lima from the beloved has published a very valuable article about the practice of information visualization on the VC blog. Entitled as "Information Visualization Manifesto" Mr. Lima lays out some basic principles for the work on data and information visualizations. Read more

7 things you should know about data visualization

As part of the monthly series “7 things you should know about…” from Peggy Kurkowski has written a brief primer to data visualization. From the description: Data visualization is the use of tools to represent data in the form of charts, maps, tag clouds, animations, or any graphical means that make content easier to […] Read more

Announcement: Video Channel

Announcement: Video Channel

Are you pleased by animated data & information visualization as much as we do? Do you enjoy sitting back and taking an inspiring break from time to time? And you lack the time to dig through the plethora of online ressources? If you answered "Yes" to even one of those questions, we think we might have something for you. If you answered all three questions with "Yes", we KNOW we have something for you. Read more

Chroma-Hash: Non-Reversable Live Visualization of Password Field Input

Chroma Hash is a jQuery plugin that improves usability of password input by adding a subtle color code for password the user entered. The color code is non-reversible and simply gives you an indication about the accordance of the two entred strings. Read more

An Excellent Primer on Geo-spatial Analysis

Stephen Few recommends "The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 1" as an excellent introduction to some of the most common tasks in geo-spatial analysis like Mapping where things are, Mapping the most and leas,t Mapping density, Finding what’s inside, Finding what’s nearby, Mapping change. It seems worth a look if you've started or plan to start working in geo-spatial analysis. Read more

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