Announcing the NYT API Tool

Nick Thuesen from the NYT developers team has put together a small application to play with the NYT API without having to write a single line of code. It allows you to query the API and see the resuts in a readable manner.It also provides you with the URL based on your query. This is great for quickly testing queries or simply to have a play with this great API. Read more

How to write data from the web into a CSV file

Michael Bommarito from Computational Leagal Studies shows one way of how to use the web as a database. He has published a neat piece of Python code to collect data from the web and write in a single CSV file. Read more

Mozilla visualizes download statistics

The talented folks at Mozilla have created a real-time dashboard tracking the download statistics for Firefox 3.5. The dashboard consists of a SVG worldmap with the plotted information about the downloaders. Furthermore a data table provides the actual digits of current, minimal and maximal downloads extended by animated realtime sparklines. Read more

6 Gorgeous Twitter Visualizations

Mashable has a small list of 6 Twitter visualizations — some more focused on the network others more on the communication. Read more

Google Search + + Gapminder?

Just read this inspiring vision from Nancy Scola about the advanced features from the Google Public Data project. She comes up with a theory on how things could work together to make the data from more usable for the general public. Read her article to know what the advanced features are, why this concept would be beneficial for and what Hans Rosling's son got to do with all that. Read more

Guardian Datastore Group on Flickr

Guardian Datastore Group on Flickr

The team behind the Guardian Datastore has created a Flickr group dedicated to data visualizations. The aim is to have a centralized place to share the visualizations created with the public datasets from The Guardian Datastore. The group can also be beneficial to get more feedback on your own visualiations from the community. Currently the images in the pool are rather basic but this will change as soon as more people start sharing their works. Read more

Axiis Video Tutorial

Michael VanDaniker has published a screencast to get new users up and running quickly with the open-source visualization framework Axiis. Read more

Follow DD4D presentations remotely

Follow DD4D presentations remotely

To follow the DD4D presentations I recommend having a look at the Twitter Search page. There are some active Twitterers in the audience sharing their thoughts about topics, presenters and talks. If you'd like to interact post your questions on Ask DD4D. @datavis me for a transscript of the answers. Read more

Persuasive Personal Information

The sessions from the From Business to Buttons conference in Malmö are made accessible as videos online. Matt Jones from talks about Persuasive Personal Information and the approach he takes designing the Personal Annual Report on Read more

The Flowing Data guide to visualisations

Nathan from takes a closer look at the available online platforms to visualize data on the datablog from Read more

5 Amazing iPhone Visualization Videos

Mashable has created a collection of 5 amazing iPhone Visualization Videos. Some are more on the "useful" side while others are rather "fun to watch". Read more

FlowingPrints: Posterizing the World’s Data

Nathan from has launched a new Website at FlowingPrints analyzes, interprets, and visualizes the meaning behind data and then prints posters with these visualizations. They will announce whenever a poster is ready, and that poster will be available for a limited time. While previous posters will be digitally viewable in archives, only one poster will be on sale at any given time. Read more

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