10 Gifts for Data Lovers

Did you stumble upon this website because of the browser history of your roommate or did you follow one of the many links your girlfriends constantly send over Twitter? Consider yourself happy then because: I’ve got some of the best christmas gifts for before mentioned person. (Also, if you want to tell your friends about some gifts you, as a desperate infographic or data art fiend, would really appreciate)

1. Conference Tickets

gifts_02Conferences are a fantastic way to get inspired, learn about different approaches and see cutting-edge technology. Also it’s always a ton of fun to meet mentors, see old friends and connecting to new people. Not to mention the good coffee in the morning and booze at the afterparty. Some great suggestions are:

2. Books

gifts_05There is plethora of great books out there. Some are deeply inspirational and other highly informative, but worth a closer look are most of them. Now all that a happy designer needs in addition is a rainy / snowy weekend without deadlines the next monday (Feel the irony?).

3. Posters

gifts_07Is there a better way to decaorate the walls of your office, studio or kitchen with a beautifully crafted Infographic? No? I think so too! Here are some good sources for Infographic posters.

4. Portraits

gifts_08If an infographic is a bit too unpersonal, i got something that’s a personal as it gets: DNA Portraits are visualizations of your very own DNA signature printed on high-quality canvas. You collect the data (your DNA in this case), send in the sample, they extract the information needed for the visualization and 3 weeks later you have your picture in your hands. Creepy maybe, but unique for sure.

5. Family Tree

gifts_09My Tree And Me provides beautifully illustrated custom family trees. Delivered as high-quality prints ready for your wall. Once the family tree form is filled out, a visualization method is chosen and a color scheme is defined the picture is ready for creation. Three weeks later it already might hang on your wall.

6. Getting physical

gifts_06Once in a while playing with digital representations isn’t enough for the kid in us. If the receiver likes to get his hands dirty with some serious sothering and loves to play with receptors, motors and sensors the Arduino Starter Kit might be the perfect gift. Arduino lets you program sensors in a Processing-like environment to draw visualization with real-life data or create analog representations of digital data. Possibilities are endless!

7. Furniture

gifts_10Fluid-Forms.com lets you create your very own “timezone”. The face of the Street Clock is a section of OpenStreetMap data that you can choose freely. Just select a city or country and then zoom and pan the map to your liking. Thec lock is cut out of wood or acrylic glass.

8. Jewelery

gifts_03Data scientists may not be easily excited by jewelery but these pieces are on of a kind. With their “Gestalt” based on actual data they tell an interesting story AND look pretty.

9. Clothes

gifts_04Newsknitter is project that produces sweater based on 24 hours of new feed from the Internet. Good looking, warming and surely a topic the wearer has to explain more than once.

10. Help me out!

Right, these are just 9 of the promised 10 gifts. Would you mind helping me out finding the 10th gift? Just add any suggestions in the comments. Thanks for your contributions!

Nathan has compiled another datageek wishlist on flowingdata.com
Also, Andrew has put together a Holiday Shoping Guide for the data-addict on infosthetics.com

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