30 More People you should follow for Info Graphics on Twitter

In the tradition of FollowFriday on Twitter and in response of Randy Krum’s post listing 37 people you should follow for infographics on Twitter I thought it would be nice to extend this list with some of my favourite Twitter users in the field of data visualization. Most of Randy’s recommendations are also mine but I think it’s more useful for our readers to extend the list rather then repeat it. So here is a small collection of the people I follow that contribute relevant content on Twitter:

  • Ars_Electronica


  • blprnt

  • colorfuldata

  • congosto


  • creativeapps

  • Datagoodies

  • DataMasher


  • DataMiningBlog

  • datastore

  • daytum

  • densitydesign

  • flinklabs

  • infochimps

  • jcukier


  • JeffClark

  • krees


  • mariuswatz

  • mcristia


  • moritz_stefaner

  • negativefix


  • nbrgraphs


  • nycbigapps

  • pachube

  • Pitch Interactive

  • plugimi


  • REAS

  • stamen

  • sunlightlabs

  • vizwiz

  • wired


Have I forgotten somebody? Who would you recommend to follow for content and communication about data visualization? I would love to add them to our list.

If you don’t already follow us @datavis on Twitter, I recommend doing so — beside the posting of our new articles we provide the daily portion of data visualization goodness to keep you happy. We also love to engage with our readers and we are looking foreward to hearing from you.

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