As some of you may have noticed it’s been a bit less busy here over the past days. But don’t worry, we haven’t been burried under piles of snow in the Swiss alps (which would have been quite probable) nor did we enjoy too much Cheese Fondue (which would have been even more probable). Actually, we’ve been very busy with the work on the refined version of that you’re experiencing as you read these lines. I am very excited about the outcome and would like to guide you through it in more detail.


We strive for simplicity in all our work and made ease of use the top priority. We reduced the screen real estate taken by the static interface and removed visual clutter by secondary information. The redesign is easy on the eye yet powerful in functionalities.


Speaking of which, we would like to introduce two new features that should make your reading experience even more joyful.

Grid & list view mode: Beside our regular presentation of articles you now have the possibility to switch to a more visual way of browsing. Toggle to Grid view and enjoy the full dose of the visual aesthetics of the featured showcases.

Infinite Scroll In conjunction with the streamlined presentation of the Grid we rolled out Infinite Scroll to keep the good stuff coming while you scroll. No need to jump from page to page anymore.


We are very pleased with the flourishing offsprings on Vimeo and Tumblr and thought that in addition to videos and images we will from now on focus even more on people and relationships.

As our reader base grows we feel the demand and desire to interact with you on a more direct way. We are happy to introduce our official Facebook Page—a place to share, discover, discuss and network with like-minded people from all-around the world. We would be very happy to see you join us over there.

Publisher is now officially an Interactive Thing!
At the beginning of this year we took a big step in our professional lives and founded a design studio, Interactive Things. At Interactive Things we provide User Experience, Interaction Design and – of course – Data Visualization services. Our skills range from design to implementation, from research to teaching. is now officially published by Interactive Things, which means that we’re more than ever determined to bring the best content and the best reading experience to you. Expect more from us, the redesign is just the first step of a long journey.

And if you are looking for a partner to realize an interesting Data Visualization or Interface Design project, just get in touch with us. We would be happy to work with you!


Over the past year we had such a supporting readership that provided us with more submissions we could eventually cover. User contribution is a very important part of and we want to give the love we receive from our readers back to the contributors. If you haven’t already, we hope you submit your work and we will spread the word about it to our readers.


Our supporters have now been around for the some days now but wewould like to take the chance for a proper introduction: We’ve joined the new Design and UX focused ad network InfluAds. Their focus on providing clutter-free ads for services and products that are meaningful to our readers ensures the quality and relevancy we strive for.

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