Much to Be Excited About “Data Driven Journalism”

Tracy Boyer of Innovative Interactivity has published an Interview with Mirko Lorenz about the Data driven journalism roundtable that took place in Amsterdam on August 24th. Lorenz is journalist / information architect for Deutsche Welle and organizer for the European Journalism Centre, initiator of the conference.

The unifying goal is storytelling. So (I hope) this comes as a relief – whether you do classical reporting or get stories from data, the story is still the center piece of it all.

I recommend heading over to Innovative Interactivity to read the full interview. It’s well worth it.

Furthermore, the videos and slides of most of the sessions are live and accessible on Vimeo and Slideshare.

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  • Tracy Boyer

    Thanks for helping spread the word about this interview Benjamin! I appreciate it.

    • Wiederkehr

      You’re more than welcome. Thanks for putting it together!

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