Narrow-minded data visualization

Nathan from addresses the issue between visual aesthetics and precision in data visualizations. The discussion was ignited by the post “Better late than never” and the following comments. Nathan stands up for finding new methods to visualize data and by doing this he speaks from the bottom of my heart. Read source on Read more

Visual Representation of Tabular Information – How to Fix the Uncommunicative Table

Martin Krzywinski wrote a guets post on about the display of tabular data and the possibilities of getting better insight in the data with a more sophisticated visualization. Excellent read! Read source on Read more

The influence of the recession on our beloved charts

Jorge Camoes has written a fantastic follow up post called “Sub-Prime Charts: Should Data Visualization Be Boring?” to an article from Paul Krugman for the New York Times. Krugman discusses the influence of fancy financing on business decisions and how those had to change after the great depression. Camoes goes on and translates those ideas […] Read more

Data as Seductive Material

Matt Jones from has given a great presentation entitled “Data as Seductive Material” at the Spring Summit at Umeå back in March. His slides with well written notes are now online available at The video of the speech may also be available sooner or later but in the meantime the slides paint a […] Read more

The Art of InfoVis Presentation …

Martin from Statistical Graphs & Data Visualization makes a solid statement by pointing out the importance (from a marketing point of view at least) of graphical elegance of visualizations. A visually pleasing look should never harm the clearness and ease of use of a visualization but nor should inconsiderate design hold the reader off engaging […] Read more

The Importance of color in data visualization

The Importance of color in data visualization

Over the past few days some thoughts about the importance of color palettes in data visualization has been published. Color is a vibrant discussed topic and there are contrary opinions on the best practices of the implementation of a color palette. Read more

Data Visualization Is Reinventing Online Storytelling

Garrick Schmitt has written a comprehensive article on Advertising Age about data visualization in the world of online storytelling. He makes a general analysis about the phenomena and then mentions some of the more popular mainstream players in the game. Read more

Tableau’s VizPolice on

Tableau’s blog recently featured an analysis of the graphics on They’ve come up with some serious improvements using their data visualization software “Tableau“. Read more about the nalysis and the proposed improvements on the original blogpost. Read more

5 Reasons visualization is not more prevalent

If you’ve missed the excellent write up about the lack of implementations of solid data visualization by Todd Holloway, make sure to catch up his thoughts. Posted 10 months ago but worth a look nontheless – most reasons are still valid. On A Beautiful WWW Read more

Mapping and referencing external data with Drupal

Mapping and referencing external data with Drupal

Jeff Miccolis wrote an excellent recipe how the smart guys over at Developement Seed aggregated geo rich data (KML or GeoRSS) in a RDF data store. They then used the two Drupal modules Views and NiceMap to display the data. For aggregation, they used FeedAPI with KML Parser and FeedAPI RDF processor. Read more

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