The Importance of color in data visualization

importance_of_color_00Over the past few days some thoughts about the importance of color palettes in data visualization has been published. Color is a vibrant discussed topic and there are contrary opinions on the best practices of the implementation of a color palette. Without getting into to much about our own findings (some of which can be found here) we let the posts speak for themeselves.

dataspora_faviconFrom Michael E. Driscoll over at Data Evolution comes the original article “Color: The Cinderella of dataviz” about the lack of focus on color in visualizations. It’s an elusive read for anybody interested unsure about the benefit of the solid usage of colors in visualization. The article is referencing some of the most fundamental theories from Tufte to Few.

abhishek-tiwari_faviconFrom Fisheye Perspective comes a follow-up post discussing some of the original thoughts. The article gets complemented with some more resources about the topic.

After all I stoumbled over a great set of slides from Ross Ihaka (Department of Statistics, University of Auckland). The slides cover a lot of topics around information visualization and the slides 12, 13, 14 are focused on color in visualization.

Have you come across some more recent articles about the topic? You’re welcome to share your resources in the comments.

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