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For any aspiring developer the possibility to “view source” is one of the most important catalyst for mastering a new language. Learning from other developers has huge advantage over simply learning by the book. You discover recurring developement patterns, different coding styles, clever solutions but also mistakes and hacks. The culture of OpenSource developement has helped growing the community around programming languages like Processing for example.

Over the next few days we get the chance to get some insight into the work of a true visualization maestro:
Enjoy the “7 Days of Source Code” by Jer Thorp of

Jer decided to share the source code of some of his latest and greatest projects starting with the Twitter visualization “Good Morning“. The project features a spinning 3d globe and maps Tweets containing the keyword “Good Morning”. The code is briefly documented and released under the CC-GNU GPL version 2.0.


For anybody eager to learn some techniques in the field of data visualization this could be a great opportunity. We highly appreciate Jer’s effort in sharing his expertise and look foreward to the source code he’s about to release.

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