10 inspirational videos of data visualizations

As a follow up to mashable’s 7 Beautiful Data Visualizations article we present you another inspirational videos of 10 data visualization projects. Some are “Data Visualization Classics” (like Ben Fry’s Anemone) and other are fresh young guns with great potential. Some have a more academic approach and focus on comprehensibility while others are shown here with a more inspirational intent.

Facebook in 3D with Processing

The application loads your friends, pictures and groups in a 3D environment. User can navigate through the cloud of information either by using the mouse/keyboard or by using a Joystick Rumble Pad. Once the friends and the pictures are loaded, lines are drawn to the friends that were tagged in the images. User can also choose to show/hide different parts of the application.

Project page: http://fb.computerarts.ca/export/facebook.htm

Flight patterns

Digital visualization of flight pattern data over the United States.

Interaction Design + Data Visualization Demo Reel by Flux

This is a personal demo reel of Michael “Flux” Chang featuring works with various clients including: Motion Theory, Protohaus, Yahoo! Design Innovation Team.

Project page: http://www.ghost-hack.com

Processing Reel

A little reel with the latest Processing sketches from Brian Steen. Music: Joanna Newsom – Sawdust And Diamonds.

More videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/brainSteen

Quartz Composer inside Processing

Example of what you can do with a quartz composer clip running inside Processing.

Authors Website: http://somejunkwelike.com/wordpress/

Ben Fry: Valence

Valence is a set of software sketches about building representations that explore the structures and relationships inside very large sets of information.

Project page: http://benfry.com/valence/

Ben Fry: Anemone

An organism that monitors web traffic. Using the process of organic information design to visualize the changing structure of a web site, juxtaposed with usage information.

Project page: http://benfry.com/anemone/

Starlight: Informationsvisualization System

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Starlight Information Visualization System (Starlight) is a forerunner of an emerging new class of information system, one that couples advanced information modeling and management functionality with a visualization-oriented user interface. This approach makes relationships that exist among the items in the system visible, enabling exciting and powerful new forms of information access, exploitation, and control. The product of over six years of information visualization research, Starlight is simultaneously a powerful information analysis tool and a platform for conducting advanced visualization research.

Project page: http://www.pnl.gov

HANNAH: 3D Informationsvisualization

Impressions from the HANNAH-Visualization framework. The 3D information visualization is in this case used for the application area of a small waste water treatment plant. This work was done for the research project KOMPLETT.

BBC: Britain From Above

BBC has created a set of data visualizations about the traffic on the sea, in the air and on the land of Grat Britain. Those visualizations have a more entertaining focus and do not try to analyze the data itself, although the underlying data is real, but rather it helps get a hold about the huge amount of flights, ships, messages etc.

Project page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/britainfromabove/
More Videos: http://www.youtube.com/


We see a increasing interest from the public eye on the subject of data visualization and are very pleased by this fact. Visualizations with a more entertaining appeal definitly helps the avarage watcher grasp the dimensions of the underlying data quicker and academic visualizations helps the more savy watcher to get deeper knowledge about the data, correlations and outcomes.

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