20 Inspirational Infographics 12. – 19.10.09

  • Cumulative Vs Annual Emissions (2006) of carbon dioxide (via…

  • 2008 Global Traffic Map via www.telegeography.com

  • The Internet’s Undersea World via image.guardian.co.uk

  • Internet Speeds & Costs Around the World via i36.tinypic.com

  • Federal deficit: who owns what?

  • US foreclosures’ flurry of activity

  • Disk Space via @weaintplastic

  • Growing the Green Job Boom via GOOD

  • Evolution of the mobile phones

  • Animals in the House via GOOD

  • Solar Power in Europe via www.ngpowereu.com

  • Avoid Climate Change via www.ngpowereu.com

  • Periodic Table of Elements via imgur.com

  • Audio / Video via WeAintPlastic

  • Stress vs. Productivity via www.hrmreport.com

  • GOOD.is | Bike-Opolis (Raw Image)

  • China’s Social Media Map | Fast Company

  • Infographics WebTrendMap by @ia2

  • Inside Visweek09 (via brianstaats)

  • Final Food Cart Infographic (via rvc4)

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