2010 Reader Resort Survey

How do North America’s ski resorts stack up in terms of terrain, snowfall, lodging, dining, family activities and all the other factors that make a great vacation spot? SKI Magazine has created an interactive chart that helps you compare the resorts.


The chart is basically a radially organized barchart that divides the resorts in East and West-coast and orders them according to their overall rating. The selected category is represented by a wedge with varying length. As we clearly see, it’s hard to precisely compare the values as they are not shown nummerically and bars ordered radially are quite hard to compare. Another problem is the selected color scheme for the categories. It ranges from a reddish orange to… well, a reddish orange. It would have been easy to choose colors that follow a clearer scheme and thus giving a more intuitive differenciation.

See the chart for yourself on Skinet.com

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