2010 Tour De France Visualization

After seeing a ton of great graphic work being done looking at the FIFA World Cup 2010, Jerome Daksiewicz realized that he had not seen any interesting graphic work visualizing the 2010 Tour de France, his personal major sporting event of choice. Thus, he self-initiated a brief to illustrate some of the data heap found with le Tour. He started with an introductory graphic illustrating all teams and riders at the 2010 TdF including riders countries of origin, team members, bike sponsorship, etc.

The work is driven by strong typography and a very reduced color scheme. The readability of some parts suffers a bit of the fine details, at least in the web version of the graphics.

Tour De France CountriesTour De France Teams

2010 Tour De France Visualization Jerome Daksiewicz is a multi-disciplinary designer working and living in Chicago, Illinois. Visit his website jeromedaksiewicz.com or follow him on Twitter.

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  • http://twitter.com/getkaizer Kaizer Billimoria

    Wow! This is awesome. It has become a pearl in my pearltree :)

  • http://www.actuvisu.fr Goulard Caroline

    Nice visualization,
    You can find here an other one, showing the evolution of performances during mountain stages :

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  • Paul

    thought about getting these printed and selling them?

  • http://www.artillery.ch/ Wiederkehr

    Hi Paul, I recommend getting in touch directly with Jerome