3 More Collections of Infographics

We’ve spotted 3 collections of information graphics on Flickr. For those who didn’t already know, Flirck.com is an excellent tool for archiving, sharing and collecting images. All three collections are archives of graphics done by the uploader – Density Design, Good Magazine and Público.

Density Design

Desnity publishes 16 full albums of their creative work. Each album is related to a certain project and illustrates nicely the work process and the broad range of their creations.infographics_collection_density

Good Transparencies Archive

Good’s collection consists of 80+ Transparencies previously published in their magazine or their blog at Good.is.infographics_collection_good

Público Infografías

The Infografías collection is a small selection of infromation graphics of the Público done by the inhouse team. It’s currently a very small set but seems to be growing like the other albums from Público.infographics_collection_publico

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