800 representations of personal networks

Isidro Maya Jariego has created and published over 800 representations of personal networks on Flickr. The graphs are network visualizations with nodes representing people and the edges representing the connections.


My knowlege of the Spanish language is rather limited so I’m not trying to translate the blog post about the whole collection. For the uninformed the images remain somewhat out-of-context but intriguing none-the-less. Here’s the brief introduction to the work from the Flickr Sets Page:

Representative sample of personal networks of General Population residing in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville, Spain).

  1. Colors represent the place of residence of the alteri: Black = Sevilla; White = Alcalá; Grey = Other.
  2. The size of the nodes correspond to the multiplexity of support provided by each alter.
  3. The size of the links correspond to the strength of the relationship between alteri.

All the graphs are licensed under a CreativeCommons license ( 3.0 BY = ) and were created using NetDraw by Analytic Technologies – the software (Win only) can be freely downloaded from their website.

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