9 Years of Sleep

Dominic Szablewski from PhobosLab has analyzed his sleeping pattern over the past 9 years. The data was collected “on the side” by mIRC, his IRC client of choice.

For the last ten years or so, I used to turn on my PC when I came home from school or work and shut it down again right before I went to bed. So most of the time when my PC is running, I’m awake. I’ve also been idling in IRC for as long as I had Internet – when my PC is running, so is my IRC client.

He used a PHP script to analize the IRC log and create the visualization below. Awake hours are indicated by pink lines and range mostly from 12 am to 4am. Interestingly we see that Szablewski is rotating his sleep cycle in the months of ’08 and ’09 — free-running sleep, my friends!

IRC Sleeplog OverviewIRC Sleeplog Overview

It’s interesting to see that even with such a basic dataset of simply “on” and “off” states patterns start to emerge.

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