A Big Bang called Twitter

From Information Architects comes the new Web Trend Map for 2010. Last years Web Trend Map mapped the most important domain on the web to the Tokyo Metro System. Now this year, Oliver Reichenstein and his team focused on the 140 most important people on Twitter and named the Map accordingly Cosmic 140.

How it works

Concentric circles representing the years since the birth of Twitter work as the underlying refence system. The sphere is divided in topical sections to group users from different fields. The topics are Technology (unsurprizingly the biggest group), News, Journalism, Business, Politics, Humor, Sport, Music, Entertainement, Intelectuals and Art & Design. Each Username is displayed with additional data like List Rank, List Volume, Follower Volume or First Tweet (See image below for the full description).

Cosmic 140 FullCosmic 140 DetailCosmic 140 Description

Needless to say that I am a fan of the reduced visual style. Also, I think the universe metaphore works quite nice for the purpose at hand.

As in previous years, the poster will be available as a high-quality A0 print once the visualization is complete and adjusted to community feedback.

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