A Different Approach to the Calendar

The people behind ghin took a different approach to design a calendar due to the frustration of having to look at dates in units of 7 or 31 days – here’s their radial calendar 2010.

I decided to lay out the calendar on a single page, making it possible to view the whole year at a glance. Thus enabling the viewer to start making new associations between events and time in general.

The dates are represented by simple digits and laid out radially. Different color codes help the user to find the desired point in time. The months of the year are marked using the color circle and the weeks are colored alternately. The days are numbered from 0 to 365, but I miss the numbering of the calendar week which would be very helpful. A lunar calendar is integrated into the layout making it easy to see full and new moons.

Calendar 2010 FullsizeCalendar 2010 Detail

The EU and worldwide edition is available as a high quality poster print here.

A Different Approach to the Calendar ghin is an ongoing creative project, with the objective though cross media to represent the findings of the continued study into the human condition.

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