AD Clicker Analsysis

Inspired by Seth Godin‘s blogpost about the clickrate of common online ads I’ve visualized the data to punctuate the actual situation. The data is provided by comScore and the StartCom MediaVest Group.

Here’s a quick view on the data:

Click Group Share of Internet Users Share of Click-Troughts
Non Clicker 84% 0%
Light Clicker 8% 15%
Moderate Clicker 4% 18%
Heavy Clicker 4% 64%

I haven’t come across a common visualization method to represent this type of relationship so I came up with this: As the data are two correlating shares from 0 to 100% I started with two parallel bars divided in the shares for each group. The relating shares are connected with a thin line. The opacity of the resulting shape represents the shares of 100 percent.


Any thoughts about this type of visualization are very welcome and I see to hear some comments.

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