Analysing Jobless Rate with Moving Graph and Adapting Grid

The Interactives Team from the New York Times did it again: Shan carter, Amanda Cox and Kevin Quealy created an interactive infographic analysing the unemployment rate in the USA over the past 33 months. The Flash based application lets the user filter the data by race, gender, age and education level. Once you start to play with the visualization it becomes obvious that we have to be cautious when talking about this topic. The rate varies a lot depending on those factors.

To clearly illustrate the differences, the graph doesn’t simply gets highlighted. Instead the selected graph moves and changes its shape, thus making it easier to see the actuall movement. If a curve with abnormal values, higher or lower than the majority, is selected the grid adapts and scales down or up.


Excellent piece of work on the interaction model as well as on the visual aesthetics.

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