Experience Planetary Data with BELLA GAIA

BELLA GAIA is an immersive theater experience created and performed by Kenji Williams. The project is realized in collboration with the NASA and strives to engage and delight the audience with the beauty of our earth. The official project description reads:

BELLA GAIA (Beautiful Earth) is an audio visual “Living Atlas” journey of our world, expressing the deeply moving beauty of planet Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts.

The vision of BELLA GAIA is to bring the power of art, technology, space science, and real scientific data visualizations together, into a context that is both entertaining and educational, fused with a common goal of raising the awareness and appreciation of our home planet.

Bella Gaia was presented at the Iyashi Fair in Japan on August 8th, 9th 2009. It is a 45 Minutes long show that combines classical Music and astonishing visualizations of real data about our planet. If you ever have a chance to visit BELLA GAIA be assured of my jealousy. Seriously, it seems like a beautiful way to not only read and see data but to experience it.

Watch more videos on the BELLA GAIA YouTube channel.

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