Bodycloud — Capturing Human Movements

Bodycloud is a project to materialize human motion by Raphael Perret, scientific assistant at the IAD program at ZHdK. Inspired by the motion of capoeirista, Perret produces 3D sculptures of courses of motions.

Bodycloud materialises the space used by a human body in motion into a sculpture. About ten years ago, I visited Brazil with my Capoeira club. The way, how incredibly elegant Mestre Corisco moved through space impressed me deeply. Since that moment, I was dreaming of doing a sculpture from movement.

The goal is to produce the sculpture in lifesize as a positive and negative. The latter meaning a solid block with the movement carved into the material. So the visitor can crawl into the space and explore it with the body.

Capturing the Movements

The data was collected using motion capture technology to track the movements of capoeirista Milton Rodrigues.

Materializing the Data

The data was then transcribed to a continuous volume rendering and ultimately 3D printed as a physical mini sculpture. This is just the first step of the materialization. The goal is to make the motion space tangible to a visitor.

Bodycloud Rendering 01Bodycloud Rendering 02Bodycloud Rendering 03

Bodycloud — Capturing Human Movements Raphael Perret is scientific assistant at the IAD ZHdK focused on interface theory, hardware interaction and real-time video processing. Find more of his works on

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  • Allegra Searle-LeBel

    This is absolutely wonderful. As a dancer and choreographer, I inhabit these movement spaces, see them intuitively and consciously, and try to bring them to life for my audiences. You are demystifying what is intangible for many observers. Thank you.

  • Raphael Perret

    Thank you very much for your comment Allegra, this is exactly the point. In the end, wel all inhabit these spaces. Depending on how educated our sensorimotor system is, the more capable we are in defining and articulating them. Meaning, the knowledge of design/ creation of space starts with our movements. As most of us are used to sit, stand and lay flat our spatial coordinate system is very limited.
    For further information, have a look at my documentation. In German for now, but there are some nice pictures…

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