Cascade on Wheels

Cascade on Wheels is a project by Steph Thirion, and was initially developed during the 2007 Visualizar workshop at the Medialab Prado in Madrid. “How high or how loud is the average quantity of cars passing by?” Sounds  like a queer question? Read on to know how Steph would answer it.

Cascade on Wheels is a visualization project that intends to express the quantity of cars we live with in big cities nowadays. The data set we worked on is the daily average of cars passing by streets, over a year. In this case, a section of the Madrid city center, during 2006. The averages are grouped down into four categories of car types. Light vehicles, taxis, trucks, and buses.

The project consists of two different visualization created with Processing based on the same dataset. The intention behind the two visualizations is to:

  1. present the data in a readable and understandable way and
  2. express the meaning by using intuitively understandable metaphors

Walls Map

The Walls Map builds three dimensional objects on top of the streets depending on the average quantity.


Traffic Mixer

The Traffic Mixer represents the data using visual clues along with an audio display. Turn on your speakers for full enjoyment if you dare.


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