Inspiration Impuls: Complexity Graphics

Tatiana Plakhova is a Moscow based designer and the art director at Moscollective design studio. Her art is deeply inspired by complex patterns found in fractals or biological organisms. Instead of using algorithms to generate the images, she creates everything manually. This also indicates that, although a lot of her works look like visualizations, none of them are based on real data. Sublimotion found the right words to describe the viewer’s experience:

One instinctively feels that the complexity of her lines and dots does not lead to a dead end, but to an inner universe aligning with our consciousness. She combines the aesthetic experience of viewing art with that of observing nature. Her work embodies how balance and harmony can emerge from chaos; it plays with our natural curiosity to explore visual stimuli.

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Inspiration Impuls: Complexity Graphics Find more of Tatiana's art on her website, her portfolio on Behance or her Flickr photostream.

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