To celebrate their fifth birthday, the folks at digg released another labs application to the general public. It’s called digg365 and lines itself up next to digg stack or digg swarm from previous years.

The application is controlled by a radial calender interface and the top stories from the selected time-period or category are displayed around it. The more diggs a story received, the bigger it appears in the application. The stories show a subtle movement and reveal spring-like behavior if you try to drag and drop them.

The controller is equipped with the filter possibilities Category and Time. The granularity for time can range from viewing a whole year down to a specific day. The quarters are color coded with a vibrant color-palette.


Something that stands out is the love of detail. Every little animation seems to be well designed — from loading bar to day selection. It is a visualization with a entertaining appeal and a technically savvy target-audience, therefore I think it’s adequately designed.

Something I couldn’t find out was the creator of the visualization. Do you have any idea who designed and developed it? I would appreciate every hint in this direction, thanks!

Via Infosthetics.com

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