Dokfest Forest Identity

FIELD, a design studio based in London, designed the new identity for the Documentary Film and Video Festival Kassel. The work Dokfest Forest is based on the festival’s film submission database and uses generative design method to create the key visuals.

Set in a thick and obscure forest like the wooded surroundings of Kassel, the colourful spheres form a sculptural representation of the programme – each of them represents a film, video, or installation work shown at the festival.

A unique structure emerges from the forest when hundreds of these individual objects come together – like the festival brings together artists and visitors from all over the world, regional talent and established filmmakers, professionals and interested locals.

Each film is represented by a sphere, with the size showing the length of the work. When two films coincide in all 3 parameters, meaning their spheres would sit in the same position, they cluster around this position like grapes on a vine. A generative colour palette assigns a unique shade to each represented work, which it keeps throughout all diagrams.

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