Dribbble Explained

Do you know Dribbble? No, not the verb to dribble with a typo, but a nifty content sharing site for creatives who show and tell in 120,000 pixels or less. If you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s how it works.

Jamie Brightmore, creative designer based in the Cotswolds, UK created this interactive infographic to explain the concept and lingo behind Dribbble. While the used visualization methods may not be the best suited to communicate the “data”, Jamie uses HTML5 and CSS3 to make the visual interactive and explores the possibilities of these new techniques. An interesting approach that admittedly has it’s limitations (browser compatibility for example) but also shows some of the potential behind it.

Dribbble.com Infographic

It served him at least to get one of the much sought-after invites to the platform. By the way, I am looking for an invite, too. So, if somebody got one to share—I would be more than happy! Thanks to @Gulopine for the invite!

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