Everyone Ever in the World

Everyone Ever in the World is a new poster by The Luxury of Protest available at Counter-Objects.The infromation is party printed with semi-transparent ink and partly cut right out of the material.

Everyone Ever in the World

Everyone Ever in the World is a visual representation of the number of people to have lived versus been killed in wars, massacres and genocide during the recorded history of humankind. The visualisation uses existing paper area and paper loss (die cut circle) to represent the concepts of life and death respectively. The total number of people killed in conflicts (969 million) is ~1.25% of all the people to have ever lived (77.6 billion). The timescale encompasses 3200 BCE to 2009 CE – a period of over 5 millennia, and 1100+ conflicts of recorded human history.

The sequence of dots to the top left of the graph shows the dramatic increase in the number of conflicts over the past 5 millennia (left to right : 3000 BCE to 2000 CE) with the most recent 1000 years being the most violent. The large dot below the graph represents the 1000 years to come : a predicted startling increase in human conflict.

Thanks to Peter from The Luxury of Protest

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