Fizz, A Social Network Visualization

Fizz is a social network visualization that provides a playful view on your own social graph and what’s currently happening. It’s one of the first two projects of the new visualization super group called Bloom.

After your connect the application with Facebook or Twitter, your social graph gets mapped in a colorful bubble diagram. Big circles are people, small circles are their status updates. Unfortunately the meaning of the color is a bit cryptic. Clicking on a bubble reveals the content of the status and let’s you jump to the belonging page.

While the functionality may seem limited, Ben Cerveny points out that “they [Bloom’s first visualizations] are the foundations of a constant flow of ongoing iterative development”. This means, we will see further development on Fizz and hopefully a lot more of creative ways to engage with social applications like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

Fizz, A Social Network Visualization Bloom is focused on creating pop-cultural instruments for data expression and exploration. The people behind it are Ben Cerveny and Tom Carden, prior Stamen employees, Jesper Sparre Andersen and Robert Hodgin aka Flight404 co-founder of The Barbarian Group.

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  • W Dan Chance

    We are predisposed to see ourselves and those we interact with as finite beings of flesh and bone with barely a hint of transcendence. Seeing ourselves as colorful bars or points of light is delightful.

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