FTSE 100 – A 26 Year History

In the current financial climate, the FTSE 100 is regularly in the media, and is the most widely used indicator of economic prosperity in the United Kingdom. Despite this, many of us have no idea what it is, why it is important, or how it is useful. In response to this, Jeremy Christopher developed these three A1 information visualizations to explain the history, worth, and importance of the FTSE 100 on a basic level in order to build a simple knowledge base of the index.

The work “A 26 Year History” visualizes the base rate (first value of the index) and the index’s value over the 26 year period. It also shows how the number of businesses form each of the 10 industry sectors has changed and developed over time.

FTSE 100 PosterFTSE 100 BookFTSE 100 Poster 2 and 3FTSE 100 Posters

FTSE 100 – A 26 Year History This work has been submitted by Jeremy Christopher, a graphic designer based in London, UK. You can see more of his work on his website jeremychristopherdesign.co.uk and his Behance profile.

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